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Wonder Woman is stronger than Supergirl because her strength derives from the Earth itself for she is a child of Gaea. While Wonder Woman isn't as strong as Superman she could still hold her own against Superman.

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In the movie Batman vs. Superman? The smart move by Who would win in a fight between Supergirl and Wonder Woman? 5,958 Views.

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Supergirl (for some reason) is just as strong as Superman but, she doesn't hold herself back, because she wasn't raised by humans. She didn't learn to be

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What in Rao's name is happening? After a battle with Cheetah earlier this month in WONDER WOMAN #46, Diana's world seemed to go crazy

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In DC's second Versus video, it's the Princess of Power vs the Girl of Steel as they layout out the strength and weaknesses of Wonder Woman Wonder Woman: A sweet personality coupled with psychic powers, impressive lasso skills and the ability to perform incredible feats of strength

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